An International Maritime Hub

The Port of Sept-Îles is the most important ore handling port in Canada. Open year-round, the port is characterized by its deep waters and 10 km wide semi-circular bay. These natural advantages allowed it to become the preferred site for coal transshipment from ship to ship. The Port was also used for stability tests of the Petrobas 36 drilling platform and its subsequent loading to a heavy carrier destined for Brazil.

The Port of Sept-Îles is comprised of 13 docks, 8 of which belong to it. Each year, nearly 23 million tons of merchandise is handled, comprised mainly of iron ore, alumina, aluminum, petroleum coke, limestone and other merchandise also transit through the port, as well as more than 400,000 tons of petroleum products.

The Port of Sept-Îles is well-positioned on the national arena, either by the nature and importance of its business activities, or its role of transition zone for different export and import products.

Its privileged location, at the heart of the main maritime routes between North America, Europe and Asia, as well as year round access to the St Lawrence, are at the origin of its rating amongst the most important Canadian ports and of its traffic of nearly 80% of its merchandise destined for international markets.

The community’s port!

The Port of Sept-Îles is located at the forefront of the regional economy, and is a major player in its economic development.

From its development and business diversification standpoint, the Port favors the arrival of major industries, attracted by the economic potential of the area. Its contribution consists of offering appropriate infrastructure to current and potential users, as well as promoting the development of strategic projects.

The Port’s expansion relies on precise investment projects. The current team, in collaboration with the region’s economic partners, is making all the necessary efforts to ensure the sustainable growth of this strategic jewel!