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The Port of Sept-Îles Acquires the Hermel from Mylène Paquette
SEPT-ÎLES, April 9, 2014 – Carol Soucy, chair of the Sept-Îles Port Authority board of directors, was excited and proud to announce that the Port of Sept-Îles’ offer to buy the Hermel has been accepted. Mylène Paquette used this oceangoing rowboat on her 129-day trip across the Atlantic in 2013, an unprecedented exploit covered by the international media.   “This achievement, which took courage, tenacity, determination, and skill, ties in perfectly with the values of the Port of Sept-Îles,” said Mr. Soucy. The rowboat will be showcased at the Port of Sept-Îles’ new administrative building, scheduled to be built in 2015, and will be a key attraction for residents, schools, visitors, tourists, and cruise ship passengers.   “I would like to congratulate the Port of Sept-Îles on its bold move to acquire the Hermel. Like its captain, the Hermel is already well known. It will be an invaluable point of interest for Sept-Îles and will add another quality tourist attraction to the town. I’m confident that residents will enthusiastically adopt this symbol of success and perseverance,” added Sept-Îles mayor Réjean Porlier.     ABOUT THE P... (More)