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Arrival of M/V Happy Star with the Two Largest Shiploaders in North America
SEPT-ÎLES, February 12, 2015 — The Port of Sept-Îles is very pleased to announce the arrival of the M/V Happy Star with the two gigantic shiploaders destined for the port’s multi-user dock. The ship, which left the Port of Longxue in Nansha, China, on December 29 for a 43-day, 10,275-nautical-mile voyage via the Panama Canal, arrived in Sept-Îles at 7:30 a.m. yesterday. Immediately on arrival, the M/V Happy Star docked at the multi-user dock and began unloading. The new equipment will complete this world-class facility, increasing its loading capacity to make it the highest in North America.   The M/V Happy Star, which specializes in this type of transport, is the property of BigLift Shipping, one of the world’s leading oversized cargo carriers. The shipowner anticipates that unloading could take between 14 and 21 days, given the scale and complexity of the operation. The cargo consists of two shiploaders, including elevator and tripper car, and 27 conveyor galleries totaling 73 components and weighing in at 3,023 metric tons, each shiploader weighing 1,200 tons.   The equipment manufacturer, Sandvik Canada, deployed an innovative solution to carry the shiploaders, conveyors, and components aboard a single shi... (More)