As a founding member of Green Marine, the Port of Sept-Îles has a long history of protecting the surrounding ecosystem and being a good neighbour. In addition to adopting environmental best practices, we put time and money toward sustainable innovation, actively listening to the public and protecting the bay of Sept Îles, our own natural treasure.

Our approach

to the environment

As a port authority, we have serious responsibilities when it comes to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and promoting sustainable development. Every day, we work to minimize the impact of our operations and prevent potential risks. Our approach is based on 5 guiding principles that define our Environmental Policy.

Green Marine

Voluntary environmental certification program

Since 2008 the Port of Sept-Îles has been a member of Green Marine, an environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry. To receive this highly sought-after credential, participating organizations must demonstrate continuous improvement in their environmental performance every year using evidence and measurable data. Port authorities like ours are assessed against 8 different performance indicators that align with priority environmental issues.

2021 results

Environmental Observatory for the

Bay of Sept-Îles

In 2013 Ville de Sept-Îles, the Port of Sept-Îles and their partners established the Environmental Observatory for the bay of Sept Îles, an innovative approach to characterizing the ecosystem of this important body of water. The goal of the large-scale study, led by the Northern Institute for Research in Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (INREST), was to provide a broader understanding of the bay and a better grasp of the impact of human activity on its shores.

Investing in

the environment

We work closely with a team of environmental experts and a network of visionary partners, doing more every year to protect our natural environment and ensure the sustainable development of Port operations.



We are committed to cultivating a strong, reciprocal relationship with our community that’s based on transparency and collaboration. Have a suggestion? Have a complaint? Contact us online or by phone at 418-968-1231. We take your concerns very seriously and promise to get back to you promptly.

Every suggestion and complaint is reviewed and discussed internally because we’re committed to finding solutions to issues raised by our community members.

We are stewards of the environment

List of current projects impacting the environment

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emergency hotline

Call our 24/7 emergency number right away to report any hazard or incident that could pose a threat to the environment, public health or Port safety.

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We are a local organization managed and run by the people of Sept-Îles—people who take pride in supporting their community.

We are a major partner in large-scale industrial projects in Sept-Îles and on the North Shore.

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