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Pursuant to the Access to Information Act, government institutions like the Port of Sept-Îles must respond to access to information requests from citizens, public and private organizations and other entities.

Submit a request


The ATIP Online Request Service provides a convenient way to submit access to information and privacy requests.

Individuals can use the online service to submit requests for information under the control of Government of Canada institutions rather than having to print, scan and email or mail a form to the institution directly.

Submit a request

in person or by mail

You can make a request by completing the Access to Information Request Form or by sending a signed and dated letter that includes:

  • A statement that you are making a request under the Access to Information Act
  • A clear description of the documents you are requesting access to
  • Your name, address, phone number(s) and email address, if applicable

Attach a cheque or money order of CA$5.00 payable to the Port of Sept-Îles for the application fee. Mail the required documents to:

Port of Sept-Îles

Information Access Officer

1 quai Mgr-Blanche

Sept-Îles, Quebec G4R 5P3

Submitting a complaint

under the Access to Information Act

Submitting a complaint under the Access to Information Act

If you submitted a request for information to a government institution under the Access to Information Act and you are not satisfied with how the institution handled your request, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada within 60 days of receiving your response from the government institution.

Common reasons for filing a complaint include:

  • It takes too long to respond to your request (delay and extension)
  • You believe you have been wrongfully denied information you requested (missing documents or improper application of exceptions or exemptions under the Act)
  • You have not received the information in the official language of your choice, or in the format requested
  • Other reasons

Get a copy of a document

published in response to a request for information

The lists below include information on requests submitted in both official languages, the number of pages released and whether these pages were released in whole or in part. Please note that the documents themselves are only available in their original language of publication. Requests for personal or proprietary information relating to a third party are not included.

If you would like a copy of the documents published in response to these requests, please contact:

Patsy Keays

Access to Information and Privacy Officer

Port of Sept-Îles

1 quai Mgr-Blanche

Sept-Îles, Quebec G4R 5P3


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