Find out everything you need to know about port procedures, navigation conditions and services offered to ships in port. We strive to ensure that the economic activities that take place in the bay of Sept Îles run smoothly, without ever compromising safety or environmental protection.

Ship Schedules

Things are happening at the Port of Sept-Îles! More than 30 ships anchor in our sheltered deep-water bay every month, all year long. Curious about the comings and goings? See our detailed schedule and view our visitors’ locations in real time.


and Tariffs

We trust a select few companies to handle most of our specialized services. For more information on how fees and dues are charged and collected, check our current pricing terms or contact the Harbour Master at capitainerie@portsi.com.

Foyer des Marins

A warm welcome to the world’s seafarers

Your ship’s come in!

The Foyer des Marins de Sept-Îles is a comfortable space just for crew members calling at the Port of Sept-Îles. A dedicated team of volunteers is on hand to cater to your needs. You work hard—put your feet up for a bit and enjoy amenities and services like wireless Internet access, recreational activities and a friendly helpline.

Contact Foyer des Marins


For up-to-the-minute weather conditions and forecasts for the Sept-Îles area, check the information provided by Environment Canada.


For water level predictions for the Sept-Îles area, check the information provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Our port operations policies and procedures are designed to ensure personal safety, efficient navigation and the sustainability of the bay of Sept Îles’ ecosystems. All the latest information is stored in a central area: our digital Knowledge Base.

Ship Declarations

Vessels entering Port of Sept-Îles waters have certain reporting requirements. Get all the forms you need in the digital Knowledge Base.

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