Industrial-Port Zone

The Sept-Îles IP Zone is an industrial-use area that boasts world-class multimodal infrastructure and more than 4,000 hectares of land open for development projects in the primary and secondary sectors. The Port of Sept-Îles forms the hub of this 70 km2 strategic area, which offers tremendous economic development potential for the region and the province as a whole.

What is an

Industrial-Port Zone?

An Industrial-Port Zone (IP Zone) is an industrial-use area recognized by the Quebec government as being critical to the province’s economic development. An IP Zone’s proximity to port, road and rail infrastructure provides a huge competitive advantage for the companies operating there, in particular by making it easier for them to bring in materials and distribute the goods they produce.

By 2030, manufacturing projects in Quebec’s Industrial-Port Zones will generate more than $2.4 billion in investments and create some 3,000 jobs. Industrial development near ports will also increase the value of Quebec’s exports, make existing facilities more cost-effective and shrink the environmental footprint of import/export operations. The future is in maritime transport, which emits 4 times less greenhouse gases (GHGs) than rail transport and up to 9 times less than road transport.

Sept-Îles IP Zone


The Sept-Îles IP Zone comprises 3 distinct areas covering a total of 68.39 km2. The Pointe-Noire Sector is occupied by the Port, Société Ferroviaire et Portuaire de Pointe-Noire and Aluminerie Alouette. Businesses operate in the northern sector, which also has land open for industrial development. The downtown sector is used by the Port, the Iron Ore Company of Canada and several fish processing plants. 

The local economy is largely reliant on the natural resources industry. Iron, aluminum and fishing hold much promise for the Sept-Îles region, which is why a number of companies and research centres here are pursuing projects involving biomarine materials recovery, energy efficiency and Logistics 4.0 for maritime and rail transport.

The Sept-Îles IP Zone offers world-class multimodal infrastructure, a deep-water superport capable of accommodating the world’s largest bulk carriers year-round and more than 4,000 hectares of industrial land open for forward-looking development projects in the primary and secondary sectors. There are a host of logistical and financial advantages to setting up operations here, including: 

  • A strategic location on the Gulf St. Lawrence along the busiest shipping routes between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Rail access to the Labrador Trough and North American markets through a rail-ferry service
  • A secure energy supply from one of Quebec’s most powerful hydroelectric substations
  • Ease and efficiency in bringing in materials and shipping out products to North American and international markets
  • Generous government support for private investment projects
  • Access to a local pool of industrial companies with internationally recognized expertise
  • A business environment driven by synergies with a local network of SMEs, multinational companies and major research centres
  • The support of a cluster for innovation in mining and metals, Industry 4.0, smart energy and rail transport

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