Port Authority

Formerly managed by the Canadian government, the Port of Sept-Îles became an autonomous organization in 1999. Since then we have been a local organization managed and run by the people of Sept-Îles. Our development vision is based solely on the needs and realities of our community.



The Port of Sept-Îles promotes partnership and sustainable regional development in providing quality facilities and services and leveraging the natural advantages of the bay of Sept Îles.

Message from

the President and CEO

In December 2020, the Port of Sept-Îles proudly announced it had passed the mark of 30 million tonnes of goods shipped—before the year had even come to a close. It was a level of activity not seen since the iron industry’s late-1970s boom, when the Port ranked second in Canada. Reaching this major milestone was one of the main highlights of 2020 and it cemented the Port’s position as a leader among North America’s top-tier cargo ports.

Board of


With the passing of the Canada Marine Act in 1998, the Port of Sept-Îles became an autonomous organization governed by a local board of directors. Meet our Board—a community of people who are deeply proud of their city and their Port! 

Bernard Lynch

Chair | Appointed by the Minister of Transport of Canada based on Port user recommendations

Nancy Jourdain

Vice Chair | Government of Canada representative | Appointed by the Minister of Transport of Canada

Jean-François Bonneau

Director | Appointed by the City of Sept-Îles

Mirka Boudreau

Director | Appointed by the Minister of Transport of Canada based on Port user recommendations

Gilles Couture

Director | Provincial government representative

Serge Lévesque

Director | Appointed by the Minister of Transport of Canada based on Port user recommendations

Our dedicated


The Port of Sept-Îles is known for its partnership-driven culture and talented team of ambassadors who embody our commitment to sustainably developing the city’s port and economic activities. Whether supporting our customers or our community, we combine the strength of an international port with the generosity of a caring neighbour.

Pierre D. Gagnon, Eng.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Phone. : 418 961-1223

Carl Allard, Eng.

Director, Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance
Phone. : 418 968-1231 poste 1245

Dominic Blouin

Project Manager, CEP
Phone. : 418 968-1231 poste 1246

Véronique Boudreau

Director, Finance & Administration
Phone. : 418 961-1238

Michelle Bourgeois, T.P.

Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance
Phone. : 418 961-1236

Charlie Desjardins

Administrative Assistant
Phone. : 418 961-1221

Aurélien Desplanques

Reliability Technician
Phone. : 418 968-1231 poste 1244

Shawn Grant

Harbour Master & Port Security Officer
Phone. : 418 961-1229

Marie-Eve Guérin

Director, Human Resources
Phone. : 418 961-1226

Frédérick J. Tétreault

Director, Communications & Public Relations
Phone. : 418 965-3764

Patsy Keays

Director, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Secretary
Phone. : 418 961-1235

Paul Leblanc, Eng.

Director, Infrastructure Engineering and Maintenance
Phone. : 418 961-1239

Raynald Ouellet, Eng.

Vice President, Operations & Business Development
Phone. : 418 961-1224

Julian Potvin

Operations & Maintenance Planner Supervisor
Phone. : 418 968-1231 poste 1243

Joël Richard

Accounting Technician
Phone. : 418 961-1225

Yannick Rodgers

Project Manager, CEP
Phone. : 418 961-1231 poste 1241

Mélissa Sanikopoulos

Director, Environment & Sustainability
Phone. : 418 961-1222


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