Green Marine

Voluntary environmental certification program

Since 2008 the Port of Sept-Îles has been a member of Green Marine, an environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry. To receive this highly sought-after credential, participating organizations must demonstrate continuous improvement in their environmental performance every year using evidence and measurable data. Port authorities like ours are assessed against 8 different performance indicators that align with priority environmental issues.



Greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions

Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions.

Spill prevention and stormwater management

Prevent spills and leaks of pollutants and manage stormwater to minimize contamination into the environment (water and land).

Dry bulk handling and storage

Reduce cargo losses and dust generated during handling, transportation and storage of dry bulk.

Community impacts

Reduce the amount of noise, dust, odour and light to which people residing close to port facilities are exposed.

Environmental leadership

Recognize the significant influence that port authorities and seaway corporations have, as land owners and/or managers, over the environmental practices of their tenants and/or users.

Waste management

Reduce waste arising from administrative activities and site operations, and increase recycling.

Underwater noise

Manage underwater noise sources during ongoing activities, development/construction and/or port maintenance activities to reduce impacts to marine mammals.

Community relations

Maintain or improve the quality of relations with the various community stakeholders through open and transparent communications.

How it works

Participants must meet a clearly defined set of requirements in a stringent assessment process to obtain Green Marine certification. They must evaluate their own performance for each applicable indicator against the self-evaluation guide developed by Green Marine. Participants must then submit their results to an independent auditor accredited by Green Marine and agree to publish the results.

Performance levels

Based on their results, participants are assigned a rating for each performance indicator on a scale of 1 to 5. Level 1 represents monitoring of regulations while Level 5 represents excellence and leadership.

  1. Monitoring of regulations
  2. Best practices
  3. Integrated management and quantified impacts
  4. New technologies and reduction targets
  5. Excellence and leadership

Continuous improvement

Participants must achieve Level 2 for at least 1 applicable indicator their first year in the program. Thereafter, they must improve by at least 1 level for at least 1 indicator until they reach Level 2 for all applicable performance indicators.

2021 results

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The Port of Sept-Îles’s Environmental Policy is a formal commitment to abide by 5 key environmental principles. 

A characterization study of the bay of Sept Îles ecosystem is being conducted by the Northern Institute for Research in Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (INREST).

Every year we do more to protect our natural environment and ensure the sustainable development of Port operations.