Hermel Exhibition


Once upon a time, a small boat was coveted by a great port… to proudly give its community the desire to surpass itself.


Investing for the sake of history to motivate

We are ocean lovers, passionate about great projects and especially great achievements. The strength symbolised by the Hermel is inestimable. This incredible crossing, with such a small boat, represents a great pride which we wish to share.

More so, the Hermel represents the shipping world, having navigated the same route as most of our visiting ships. Her captain is a force of nature, a role model for us all, especially our youth. Acquiring this precious boat in the Spring of 2014 is thus an important legacy for our community. A true gem, this unique boat, will be put on display and made accessible to tourists, cruise ship passengers, visitors and the population, as well as used for educational purposes during school visits.