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2013 Tariffs increase notice

The Port of Sept-Îles gives notice, pursuant to article 51 of the Canada Marine Act, that the under-mentioned tariffs are to be increased as indicated, pursuant to the powers granted by article 49 of the said law, effective January 1, 2013 and until December 31, 2013.

  • N-1 Berthage and anchorage dues 2.0%
  • N-2 Harbour dues 2.0%
  • N-3 Wharfage dues 2.0%*
  • N-12 Water dues 2.0%
  • N-15 Ramp Use 2.0%
  • N-16 Tariffs for security services 2.0%
  • N-19 Tariffs of passenger charges 2.0%
  • N-20 Tariffs for the rental of a gangway 2.0%

* Apart from: petroleum products and liquid calcium 5.0% or otherwise according to the article

Please click on this link to find our 2013 tariffs increase notice.