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Port-Cartier and Sept-Îles Business Development Corporations Announce the Consolidation of their Industrial-Port Zones

Port-Cartier, May 24, 2023 – The Côte-Nord’s two business development corporations are extremely proud to announce the consolidation of their respective Industrial-Port (IP) Zones as part of Advantage St. Lawrence, Quebec’s new maritime vision, in partnership with Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE).

In creating one big zone, MEIE, Développement économique Sept-Îles, and Développement économique Port-Cartier are looking to consolidate their combined potential and attract new international investors and projects.

For Bernard Gauthier, Industrial Commissioner at Développement économique Port-Cartier, and Paul Lavoie, Executive Director at Développement économique Sept-Îles, the move was a no-brainer. The geographical proximity of the two IP Zones and the similar needs of their users will pave the way for many opportunities and greater synergy.

“The combined commercial activities of our two IP zones account for nearly 15% of Quebec’s annual exports. It was time for us to join forces and become a driving economic force in the province,” said Bernard Gauthier.

“Together, we can leverage this increased visibility. Our IP Zones are attracting energy transition projects and providing real options for decarbonizing the iron industry here in Quebec,” explains Paul Lavoie.

“Few people realize that half of all shipping activity on the St. Lawrence, in terms of annual tonnage, passes through the port facilities of Port-Cartier and Sept-Îles. That volume makes this new area one of the largest port complexes in North America, home to world-class shippers and facilities,” said Pierre D. Gagnon, Port of Sept-Îles President and CEO.

About Développement économique Port-Cartier 

Développement économique Port-Cartier has been an economic player in Port-Cartier and the Côte-Nord since 1979. The organization was part of the regional coalitions that made the Sainte-Marguerite 3, Toulnustouc and Romaine dams possible. Développement économique Port-Cartier was also one of the driving forces behind the Port-Cartier sawmill, the opening of the pulp mill (three times), and the bailout of Quebec Cartier Mining Company in the early 2000s, among other things.

About Développement économique Sept-Îles

Founded in 1974, Développement économique Sept-Îles is a municipal non-profit that helps bring business projects of all sizes to life. Its mission is to work with other local socioeconomic players to drive growth and improve the quality of life in Sept-Îles.

About the Port of Sept-Îles

Boasting diverse, state-of-the-art facilities, the Port of Sept-Îles is North America’s largest ore-handling port, with a projected volume for 2023 of nearly 40 million metric tons. It is also recognized as the largest primary aluminum port terminal in the Americas in terms of operational volume. The facilities at the Port of Sept-Îles play a vital and strategic role in the economy of Eastern Canada. The Port is also deeply committed to sustainable development and has pioneered the first environmental observatory on the St. Lawrence to monitor the marine ecosystem.


Sources :

Paul Lavoie
Executive Director
Développement économique Sept-Îles
Tél. 418 962-7677, poste 101

Bernard Gauthier
Executive Director and Industrial Commissioner
Développement économique Port-Cartier
Tél. 418 766-8383 | Cell : 418 768-6383

Frédérick Tétreault
Communications and Public Relations Director
Port de Sept-Îles
Tél. 418 965-3764